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In response to the rising demand for housing in the country, we leverage on modern architecture and technology to deliver sustainable Estates with building designs, infrastructure, and facilities that make up for an easy lifestyle. Over the years, we have identified a significant gap in addressing homeowner needs, especially for those who seek better value-for-money. As such, we categorize our offerings within residential real estate as thus:
  • Average -Premium Housing
  • Premium Housing
  • Luxury Housing
Whether you are looking for a secure, family-friendly environment for yourself and your family, or you see housing as a great investment, purchasing from AXPD will make a perfect fit for you.

In Nigeria, most communities have provision for the development of markets, shopping malls, and commercial spaces (light business activities) within their respective development master-plans to ensure residents are able to meet their general supply needs without commuting for very long distances.

Hotels & luxury serviced apartments:

Hospitality is another key area of expertise for AXPD.

We design, build, deliver, manage hotels and luxury apartments across urban Nigeria. Our development team is focused on harnessing the added opportunities present in the hospitality industry. We develop deluxe hotels and luxury apartments with impeccable designs and structures.

Affordable housing:

Every family needs affordable housing, this stems from a simple belief: that every enterprising wage earner should be able to afford a beautiful home in a secure family friendly environment for themselves and their family.

Commercial real estate:

Large scale commercial centres are a major driver of every economy, and AXPD is at the forefront of developing them.

We are keen on providing robust solutions for the development of commercial real estate which reflects the needs and expectations of different business communities, owners and investors. At AXPD we understand the increasing importance of commercial space within every community, therefore, we specialize in the design, development and delivery of:

  • Shopping Malls/Plazas
  • Recreational/Leisure Parks
  • Office Buildings


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